Why Is Mulund The Best Property Investment Option In Mumbai?


Though Mumbai has always been the real estate developers’ favorite but the lack of space and need of extensive development in other surrounding areas of Mumbai has shed focus on Mulund. Surprisingly, Mulund has transformed from sleeping city to lively suburb where realty market is thriving in its best form. The best part of Mulund is that the city still offers a serene atmosphere and safety despite its fast-growing development.

Mulund is well-connected to Central suburbs as well as Western suburbs of Mumbai. Moreover, Mulund offers many reasons to be a lucrative deal in the real estate market when it comes to investment and assuring lifestyle. Let’s scroll through the endless list of what Mulund has to offer.

Enhanced living
Areas like LBS Road, M. G Road, Mulund Link Road and Mulund Colony have been growing phenomenally. Some real estate developers like The Wadhwa Group with their unconventional ideas are turning spaces into remarkable landmarks that are making ‘enhanced living’ absolutely exciting in Mulund.

Skyscrapers are glowing the skyline of Mulund by the luxurious residential projects with world-class amenities and enough breathable space. Developers are going an extra mile to enhance the lifestyle that surely makes Mulund the best investment option.

Constant vertical growth
Mulund is attracting many real estate developers, investors, and potential home buyers as it promises a comfortable lifestyle with the highest investment returns. The real estate market in Mulund is seeing noticeable growth in various segments catering to the chunk of middle-income groups to affluent income groups.

The city’s infrastructure, prestigious educational institutions, top healthcare facility centers, leisure and entertainment centers, luxurious residential properties, constant economic developments, all are shaping Mulund, and nurturing it as one of the lucrative destinations to invest in.

Such favorable conditions are nothing but a win-win situation for both investors and end-users.

Lucrative Future prospects
Convenience has more price than actual land price and you can witness it in Mulund. Proposed infrastructural projects like Mono Rail and Metro connectivity in the vicinity is an additional advantage at Mulund as it further enhances connectivity. Connectivity is the most influential factor in the property market and with such lucrative future prospects taking place in and around Mulund, it is well predictable why realty prices will shoot up in near future.

The Wadhwa Group’s Atmosphere, one of the luxurious residential projects is already luring many potential buyers. Hence, it is advisable to buy 2 BHK, 2.5 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Mulund before prices increase exorbitantly.

Potentiality lies everywhere but particularly in Mulund; it is going to stay forever. Discover investment potential in Mulund and we bet you won’t regret it!


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