Top Gadgets That Make Your Home A Safe Haven


There is a certain sense of safety one feels only at home. You only feel completely at rest and at ease when you are back home. But sometimes, the unsafe surroundings of your home tend to weigh in on this feeling and one ends up losing this sense of security. However, with the advent of smart gadgets and technological advances, restoring the safe factor of your home is that much easier now. Homeowners today, equip their homes with myriad smart home gadgets that safeguard your home from intruders and burglars.

Let’s skim through the best home safety devices one can install in their home:

Digital Peephole
While security cameras are a norm, this little device takes the same function a level up. With a digital peephole, you can scan the front of your doorstep through an LCD screen that’s mounted near your door. Another advantage is that you can scan a wider area as opposed to a small section. There is another variant of this device which has a doorbell attached to it. With this device, the person who rings the doorbell has his image captured by the system and sent to your mobile application no matter where you are. With this, you can always keep an eye on your home whether you’re there or not.

Motion Sensors
This device has been around for a long while in the list of gadgets that keep your home safe, but they are more freely available now. With motion sensors placed inside your home, you can get an alert whenever there is movement in the areas it is placed in. This can not only be used to keep a check on intruders, but you can also keep a tab on your young children to make sure they are safe in the late hours of the night or when you are away.

TV Deterrents
This is a futuristic new age home safety device which has a very simple thought behind it. When an intruder is looking to break into a home, they always check for signs of activity and avoid homes where they feel someone might be able to see them. This device uses this very thought and when placed in the living room, it emits colorful lights from LED images that give the impression that the TV is on. Clearly giving an indication that someone is home, thus deterring intruders.

Digital Smart Locks
Amongst most of the smart home gadgets, digital smart locks are one of the best. Today, digital smart locks are all over the market and these fancy-looking devices do more than you can imagine. Some digital smart locks come with pre-installed cameras that project who is at the door to your mobile application and allows you to unlock your door without having to leave your seat. These locks can be unlocked with either a fingerprint or a code that you choose to share with your trusted family members.

Defender Keypad Dual Function Alarm
This powerful alarm is loud enough to startle the intruder, wake you up and alert the neighbours. This alarm has a dual affect; a shock sensor on windows or doors and a magnetic contact alarm which will ring the moment any door/window is opened. You can set your own code for this alarm so that this alarm is armed all through the day.

For techno-savvy families, this is the way forward when it comes to protecting your home and making it the haven it always was. Gadgets that keep your home safe are freely available and will instil a sense of security in you when in use.


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