Tips For Working From Home During Lockdown


The COVID-19 resultant lockdown has been a blessing for some, but counter-productive for many. Finding a way to keep yourself motivated in a home environment can be challenging. While it may still be uncertain when you will finally return to office desks and boardrooms, it is best if we learn to find productivity at home. There are several ways to stay active at home and many other ways through which you can make your home a productive environment too. 

Here are a 5 practical tips that can help you work from home more efficiently – 

Start your day early to maximize productivity 

While it may be enticing to dismiss your alarms and roll over to the other side of your bed, however, a yielding day starts with a productive morning. In fact, waking up early is a habit most successful people in the world follow. Here’s how you can make this a habit: 

  • Set your alarm to a reasonable hour to give yourself that extra 15 minutes of sleep.
  • Meditate or exercise to prepare your body for an active day.
  • A morning walk and expose to early morning sunlight will energize your body in no time
  • Make a to-do list for the day. Making it the night before is also a good idea. It helps you stay organised and helps you set timelines for your work. 
  • Take a shower. To really get your blood flowing, try out cold water showers too!  

Work during daylight

Set up your work desk near a window to get access to sunlight. It is no secret that natural light can brighten up just about anything, and that includes your frame of mind for the day. Working in a set up close to natural daylight can improve your mood, productivity and creativity. It increases your attention span, boosts your focus, and reduces the chances of being drowsy, as opposed to low ambient lighting, which increases pressure on your eyes. If you’re fortunate enough to have a large balcony or a terrace at home, you can spend an hour or 2 working here as well. This will help you relax and focus better on work. Additionally, working in a room with pleasant colors has also shown to improve your mood and productivity. 

Take a break after every 45 minutes with a short walk

Gazing at the computer screen for hours can overstress your eyes and body and might make it difficult to concentrate. After every 45 minutes, try to take a short break by walking around the house – Use the restroom, refill your bottle of water, or grab some munchies. A simple short walk can help break your stringent sitting posture and give your eyes and back some much-needed relief.  Make sure to eat healthy snacks during your break as this will help you stay fit and improve your energy levels. Salads, nuts, fruits and healthy smoothies are great snacking options during breaks.  

Plant some greens

When you’re working from home, it is important to work in an environment that is cool and calm and one that brings you peace of mind. House plants reduce the overall indoor temperature, and setting up your work desk close to them is a helpful way to calm your mind and concentrate. As a bonus, house plants can also be a good way to bring the outdoors inside. 

Plan your most productive hours of the day

One of the major benefits of working from home is that you can plan your day in a way that suits you the best. Figure out which hours of the day you are least distracted and most active to take on the day’s tasks. Some people work better in afternoons, some during the evening, and this is the time to figure out when you are most productive. 

These 5 simple tips can help change your perception towards working from home, making you more productive during working hours and less lethargic the rest of the day. Working from home all day also makes your mind wander. Amidst lockdown days, many of you may have re-considered several aspects of life, including your living situation. 

For those of you who have considered shifting to a new apartment, now would be a good time to start searching. The pandemic has changed the real estate landscape and has given all of us several reasons to invest in real estate.

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