The Wadhwa Group Celebrates The Spirit Of Womanhood


Empowering girls and women, we know it is the key to economic growth, political stability, and social transformation. World leaders, experts and scholars alike are giving their voice to this critical endeavour. According to the World Economic Forum’s “Global Gender Gap Report”, India’s ranking has fallen by 21 places from last year. Not only are we currently far below the global average but also behind our neighbours China and Bangladesh. In fact, as per the World Bank report, we have one of the lowest workforce female participation rates, ranking 120th among 131.

At present, women are skilled to be the best. From the way they’re educated to the way their brain works, it is distinct from that of the male mechanism. Women are naturally able to handle multiple things proficiently, which makes them more productive.

We at The Wadhwa Group, believe in empowering women to progress and soar high in everything that they pursue. We understand how important it is to train, develop and guide women. Our modules are designed in a way to support women and introduce them as Channel Partners – the ones associated with us to market our projects & properties. Running since last year, our campaign #IAmEmpowered revolves around the belief of empowering women & supporting them to succeed with a balance in life.

Women as Channel Partners
Being a Channel Partner needs proficient marketing skills to convince a client. Typically labelled to be a male-dominated industry, many women have also stood up to make a niche into this field. Studies say, that women are better in marketing. They have a surpassing power to convince, which makes them excel as Channel Partners.

The Wadhwa Group believes that we can train, develop and guide women into the field of Channel Partners. This may help them become independent & support their families through a respectable job profile. In the recent times, we’ve seen many women join our CP family. They understand each client’s needs and make sure that the person gets the best service.

We Rise by Encouraging Women
The legacy of The Wadhwa Group reflects the empowerment of the women folk. Our ideas are integrated towards uplifting them as we have always been inspired by them. The reason is very clear; even stats speak that women, the world’s half population, have benefited further in the progress of our economic and social development in the last three decades. Gender equality is not only a goal but also a key factor for sustainable economic growth, social development and environmental sustainability. By providing the same opportunities to women and men, including in decision-making in all kinds of activities, a sustainable path of development can be achieved to ensure that women’s and men’s interests are both considered.

This International Women’s Day, we take our idea forward and continue to extend our support towards the development of the womankind. We wish they create more wonders and push on creating a difference wherever they go.


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