The Summer Home Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Miss


The summers have arrived and it’s a great time to get your house in shape and running smoothly. We are quite sure you must be prepping your home to welcome guests over the coming months too.

So, get your home in great shape with these four home maintenance tips:

1. Clean up your AC Filter
The number one priority for your summer home maintenance checklist is to have your air conditioning (AC) filter cleaned up. You can manually do it if your AC is not compatible to auto-cleaning. Also, check whether your AC fan is functioning well.

2. Try an indoor garden
An indoor garden is a great idea to keep your home cool. You may plant some leafy trees that will prevent the sunrays to get into your home, hence keeping it cool. These plants also welcome fresh air into the rooms. W54, our residential project in Matunga has been built with large sun-decks, where one can easily create their own indoor garden and welcome greenery at their homes too.

3. Earn from the Sun
One of the most effective methods of reducing your power bill this summer is to reduce your dependence on electricity suppliers and start using solar energy to power your home. This summer, make a clever choice to harness free energy from the Sun. Invest in solar panels and save money as well as energy.

4. Cross Ventilate
As the summer temperatures rise, so does the urge to flip on the air conditioning. But giving in to those urges will only cost you with higher electricity bills. Even though you have an air-conditioned home, open the windows and let fresh air saunter into your homes. The air in our home is usually more polluted than the air outside, but cross ventilation pushes warm air, dust and pollutants out from your house too! As a design philosophy, we try to ensure ample cross ventilation in our apartments too. At one of our projects named Anmol Fortune in Goregaon West, we have L-shaped windows that lets fresh air visit your home quite often.
So, get your home ready for the summers with these simple, yet useful tips.


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