The Role Accessorizing Plays In Your Home


What would a home look like without accessories?
Best planned after the furniture is all in, home accessorizing, if done right, brings the all-important “wow” factor – much like the icing on a cake! Of course, sometimes you may be recycling accessories from a previous home. In either event, the right accessories placed in the right way, not only bring a home to life, they, together, tell a story about its inhabitants’ personality, tastes and class.

Accessories transform living spaces, bringing them to life! Accessories are what provide that “lived-in” feel to a home. They, together, not only need to turn the canvas of a room with just furniture into exquisitely finished works of art, they also have to stand on their own as beautiful pieces to admire.

Accessorizing correctly can liven up your mood everyday! If your home is dull and boring, your mood is bound to be the same. It’s time to stop infusing the usual boring outlook into accessories, especially functional ones like lights, clocks, etc, and to put some fun into functionality! Of course, do remember there’s a fine line between fun and tackiness, so be sure to exercise some restraint as well! For example, the look and feel of light fixtures in your dining and living areas would need to be classy, while those in your kitchen, near a bar or in a balcony, could be made fun. You could incorporate a food, cutlery or utensils theme with clocks and lights in a kitchen or pantry; a drinking theme near your bar cabinet; and perhaps a frog design to blend in with the plants in the balcony! And, you can just have tons of fun with accessorizing a children’s room.

Infusing color here and there also works to create mood! Cushions and rugs make for great accessories to infuse color and even have fun with by throwing in a clever saying or funny visual.
Like color, appropriate lighting is also known to work physiologically to create a good mood.

Home accessories speak about your personality and style. Since you are the one who will be inhabiting the space, the best advice is to go with items you love. If you are moving into a new home and already have a collection of art, it’s better to plan the interiors in advance, to go with your pieces. But, do be mindful of aesthetics. A small room or wall, for example, can’t have too large a painting. You may want to let go of some things that don’t fit into your new home.

Overall, go with accessories you love, and not those thrust upon you by an interior designer. Your home also sends visitors messages about your personality and style, so any designer must take your sensibilities into account.

In summation: Home accessorizing should bring your interiors to life, gel with your personality and keep you in good spirits in your home space. Take your time on accessorising, and have fun bringing out the best of functionality and looks for your home!


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