The Principles of a Healthy Home


Housing conditions can and should support good health. But what makes a healthy home environment? These principles provide a framework for describing the critical components of a healthy home. The most important ones amongst these are :

  1. Ventilated
  2. Safe
  3. Maintained

Design of any project starts with a Master Plan. Location, as well as the orientation of building/s, is critical for Sunlight and Wind penetration inside the apartments. The Wadhwa Group believes that mother nature is a gift from God and she is to be respected always. The more we will design in tune with nature the better it will resonate with positive vibrations and healthy environment.

Ventilates homes:

The design philosophy of The Wadhwa Group is natural Light, Height and natural Air. These are the foundations of each of our Project, may it be an affordable housing OR high-end luxury homes. Our designs revolve around these principles which allows optimum sunlight and fresh air to move through all the interior spaces of each apartment and also through the common areas of a building such as typical floor lobby, staircases etc. It allows the apartment to breathe naturally and gives fresh air to breath to all family members and their support staff. But why is it so important? Today’s life is full of stress and running around. It is critical that when people are at home they should feel healthy and happy. Sunlight provides necessary vitamins to the human body. It kills germs in the air and keeps the air fresh. Wind moving through the apartment maintains a good ambient temperature inside the apartment. It encourages people not to use artificial means of cooling such as air conditioners. Anything which comes in its true natural form is always preferred and has positive impacts on the human body and the surrounding environment. A healthy life at such homes brings happiness to the family.

There are many areas in an apartment which are always neglected. For example toilets and toilet shafts. For a healthy body only having a healthy mind can not work. The mind can not function in an enclosed space. It needs to embrace nature. Similar to mind rest of the organs need to contribute equally. The same way one can not have only rooms with better light, air and toilets with mechanical ventilation. In fact, the toilets/ washrooms are the places where hygiene matters the most. One can not rely on artificial means of ventilation for these spaces. Else it is prone to result in unhygienic conditions eventually deteriorating the life of the occupants.

Every project has an indoor space and outdoor space. Indoors are the apartments whereas the outdoors are the recreational amenities located either on the ground , on podium top or maybe (few) on terrace levels. A Community living has a population mix ranging from toddlers all the way to senior citizens. The health of each and every member is important. The Wadhwa Group has always believed in creating community spaces which encourage people to venture out with their loved ones. We select the recreational amenities to ensure the physical, as well as mental health of residents, is well maintained. One of the most important lifelines which a City like Mumbai is always short of is the Trees. We believe ‘Tree is a life’. A heavy plantation of large canopies has always been a USP of The Wadhwa Project. It helps improve Microclimate within the Project premise. Health and happiness have always been our objective across all our projects.

Safe homes:

For us just like the health of our clients, safety is equally important. While people move around in the premise, the ease of accessibility of different areas by different age groups always takes care of with adequate measures in design. Not only in the normal circumstances but even in case of an emergency it is ensured that people’s life is not put at risk. We have strict policy guidelines about fire escape staircase locations on outdoor faces to always remain ventilated by means of large windows. It prevents the smoke from entering the stairs and people are evacuated without any casualties. Similarly, the design of steps of the fire staircases ensures that no one trips or false while running in panic.

Each and every material used in construction must be tested against fire. In recent times it is seen not only in India but even internationally, materials used for aesthetic reasons on external surfaces have caused fires compromising the life of residents. The Wadhwa Group never believes in an artificial facelift. Client safety comes first in our Projects. There are many right techniques available in the market, many products too. The Wadhwa Group always looks for innovative solutions and our teams ensure enough research to be done about any new product before the same is selected to be applied to our buildings.

We believe in traditional design blended with futuristic technologies. 

Maintained homes:

A building just functions like a human body. The way a human body requires a regime of physical exercises to stay healthy, it requires routine medical check-ups, the same way building also needs maintenance. The intensity of this maintenance depends on how well the design of the building is conceived. Apartments are always taken care off by the occupants because it is their private space. But common areas are the Condominium’s property. These areas such as common corridors at every floor, entrance lobbies, staircases, recreational amenities, clubs etc. must be conceived with materials which are user friendly and robust. If the developer has built something just for aesthetics then it is bound to burden the end-user with its recurring maintenance.

The way sunlight and air are important for the apartments, it is equally important for common areas of a building. If these spaces like common corridors, entrance lobbies are not well lit naturally then it will consume more power than required every day. Certainly, the common area maintenance commonly known as CAM in the Real estate will shoot up. This will burden the end user.

To create a beautiful structure many developers end up cladding the building facade with artificial materials. Few of such materials are prone to spread the fire whereas few requires heavy maintenance as it can not withstand our climatic conditions. The Wadhwa Group believes and respects concrete as an inherent ingredient of a building. So we use the right technique to articulate its external surface and enhance the building. So very little maintenance of just painting the surface as and when needed. Like this, there are many areas such as toilet shafts with adequate sizes not only to lay the pipes but also to stand and maintain the pipes, the windows of rooms with ease of it getting cleaned from inside and avoid unnecessary dependence of cradle systems for cleaning and many more are captured and adhered as part of Design policy manual depending on the category of project. The focus as mentioned above is always the end-user. 

The Wadhwa Group believes in building homes for people who live in it and not for the people who look at it from outside. The recent global epidemic has raised concerns about the safety and health of people. It has taught all of us a lesson not to take nature for granted. What goes come back is the rule of Nature. If a doctor makes a mistake a single patient suffers, but if a Developer makes a mistake an entire community suffers. Hence it is our moral duty to offer our clients home where they live with health and happiness.           


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