Sustainable homes: A guide to a greener and cleaner home environment


Choosing to make your home sustainable is one of the most environment-friendly decisions you can ever make. Continued industrialization has caused man to borrow much from Mother Nature while doing very little to equally give back. Thanks to this pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns, a lot of nature-reliant tourist spots have had some time to heal. Further, work-from-home structures have caused an increase in air quality due to lesser vehicles on the roads. Additionally, creating sustainable homes can help in reducing the costs of running your home by reducing water and electricity bills. As we may be spending more time at home even in the near future, living in a sustainable house means that you create a much healthier and cleaner environment for you, your family, and even your pets. 

Here are some of the ways you can create a self-sustaining house.

  1. Reducing electricity consumption
    Research has shown that Indian households living in modern residential apartments spend around 5000-8000 on an average on electricity. Conserving electricity can not only help families save costs drastically but also help optimize environmental resources for better use. The easiest way is to find natural sources that are able to replace what common high-energy consuming household appliances such as air conditioners and tube lights offer. If you’re looking to invest in a new home, find a property that is built in a way that allows for more natural light, and ventilation. The Wadhwa Group’s design philosophy “Ventilit” ensures that the properties are carefully planned and built-in directions that favour ample ventilation and natural lighting. Further, switching to LED lighting and energy-efficient household appliances can help make your existing home an environmentally-friendly house.

  2. Recycling water
    Finding ways to effectively recycle water greatly contributes to building successful sustainable homes. In many households, maximum water wastage happens during dishwashing or taking a shower. To optimize this usage of water, you can collect dirty water from these sources in a bucket and use it to water your plants/shrubs, or clean your toilets. Switching to organic soaps, hand washes, and dish soaps will ensure that the water your plants are getting is also chemical-free. By keeping a bowl or a plate underneath your plant pots can ensure that overflow water is also recycled. Moreover, water that is used for cooking purposes especially to wash or boil vegetables or pasta can also be used for the home garden. The monsoon season is a great opportunity to recycle rainwater. As you prepare your home for monsoons, check if your apartment has a rainwater harvesting system in place. If not, use a barrel to collect rainwater that you can boil and use for cleaning purposes.

  3. Implementing Eco-Friendly House Designs
    Sustainable homes are ones that make use of eco-friendly interiors. Investing in indoor plants is a great way to add a green touch to your home. As plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen, indoor plants do a great deal to purify the air inside your home. Properties by The Wadhwa Group ensure designated places in the home and the balconies for plants. Using plant-based, eco-friendly paints for walls over standard paints that are known to contain a lot of chemicals, can also contribute to better respiratory health. Homeowners can also create a self-sustaining house by reducing the urge to replace old furniture and upholstery with store-bought ones, but instead creatively recycling old household items to suit the same purpose. 

  1. Using Solar Energy
    Last but not least, utilizing solar as a source of energy can help in building a sustainable house. So if you’re thinking of moving towards creating an environmentally-friendly house for yourself, you can either look into investing in a house that actively uses solar power as an energy source or invest in getting solar panels installed in your existing home. Although solar panels may initially be an expensive investment, drawing energy from this renewable natural resource will reap you immense benefits in the long run. They are also generally durable and require minimal maintenance. Wadhwa properties have pre-installed solar panels on rooftops across all their projects in Mumbai City. Residents of Wadhwa properties now enjoy access to renewable energy in some of the prime locations in the city. 

Building sustainable homes are at the heart of The Wadhwa Group design philosophy. We offer an array of luxurious spacious homes with eco-friendly house designs to all of our residents so that they can not only benefit from a budget perspective but also live a healthier lifestyle. If you’re looking for quality yet sustainable living,  our ready-to-move homes are available to book across properties in city hotspots like Atmosphere O2 Mulund, Wadhwa Elite Thane, TW Gardens Kandivali, Crown Residences Goregaon, and Prima Residences Ghatkopar West. We prioritize giving back to the environment as much as we take from it while delivering an unmatched integrated living experience to each and every one of our residents. Avoid the hassles of an under-construction house by moving into a postpaid home today! 


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