Small Things, Big Difference


Welcome to The Wadhwa Group – your real estate ally where small, consistent efforts result in big differences at homes. Hours of design planning, thoughtful construction of residences and commercial squares makes the core basis of our ambition to develop homes designed with finesse.

We are known for creating residences that make you live the life you deserve. It’s our passion that drives perfection to function with design philosophies like the form liners, Ventilit, and others.

Take a look at how our projects are built to sustain and are cutting edge different from others:

First Concept, The Design
Choosing your right home brings many questions to your mind. These include the buyer’s concern for a well-ventilated home, durable build, opulent lifestyle, and amenities. But we give you not just solutions to all your doubts, but turn your dreams into reality. Our designs are planned with passion to fulfill the needs of the buildings and the people. Our creations stand out from others because we put in extra efforts that make a big impact.

Lighting Courtesy- The Sun
Our towers are designed in a way, that they follow the natural path of sunlight. This keeps apartments filled with light at all hours of the day, be it dawn or dusk. Good lighting comes naturally to homes because we’ve ensured that the sunlight paints your homes gold. After all, natural light is better than any other source of luminescence.

Maintenance Made Easier
We are unique, and so is our construction type. While other facades tend to go through changes with time, we design our homes with the philosophy of Form Liners – a concept that keeps towers maintenance free for years. It is an exterior building façade which is constructed using contemporarily designed form liners. This eye-catching pattern is created in concrete while casting on external dead surfaces of the building. The form liner pattern does not only give a different look and feel to the entire structure but also, avoids maintenance issues that are usually created by providing any additional cladding demanding high maintenance due to fungus and breakage issues or by fading within a few years. Also form liners being non-inflammable, prevents spreading of fire unlike other cladding material, like aluminum composite sheets (ACP).

Go Beyond Limits
Live higher! Our rooms, lobbies and every other part of the home is believed to maximize Height, Light & Air. This design philosophy is called as Ventilit – a design philosophy that lets you live free. Our homes offer healthy lives with conceptual cross ventilation which avoids pollution and paves the way to fresh air.

When Windows Catch More Attention
Let nature do the talking at your home; our homes are designed to have larger windows for the lovers of nature. Now your minds will linger on scenic beauty, think beyond the sky and listen to the music of birds. All this will make you forget your TV sets, after all, what could be better than a cup of coffee paired up with the scenic view?

The Little Big Details
The Wadhwa Group is known to be a though-leader in the design and architectural realm. With an eye for detail, we’ve taken small measures that make a lasting impression on the house and the home experience. One will always find wider stairs designed at our properties. This little detail, in fact has been thoughtfully designed for the simple reason that wider steps make it easier to walk up and down the steps. This plays a major role in case of emergencies.

Our properties also have stairs in the swimming pool instead of the metal ladder so that getting in and out of the pool is a lot easier not just for senior citizens but also for kids. After all, a swimming pool is meant for all. Anti-rust rods in the building ensure that the building pillars remain durable for a longer period and don’t start to rot internally. We also ensure that our podiums are car-free podiums so that the children playing on the podium are safe from the movement of vehicles in the property. Flower beds in each home are also considerately designed so that the excess water for plants flows out carefully without damaging the exterior of the building.

Our design philosophies also ensure that the AC ducts in each home are strategically placed in a manner that the hot air expelled out doesn’t re-enter your home. Thus, maintaining the purity levels of air inside your home. Our design stories always follow the inside-out viewpoint. In this form of design, we start work from the interiors of the building and then design the exteriors accordingly. This guarantees optimum use of space to create opulent homes, in every regard.

One small thought can change the entire way of living. The Wadhwa Group aspires to change the life of every resident by attending to the little needs that enhance their home-experience.


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