prepare your home for monsoons


Monsoon is the only season that brings your inner child out, and makes you want to dance in the rain with the little neighbouring kids. It is the season where you spend most of your time indoor, sheltering from the nerve numbing thunder roars and start planning all your fun indoor activities with your family and friends, but here’s something that undeniably falls into your priority list.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind as you rain-proof your house this Monsoon:

1. Wooden furniture:
Wooden and steel furniture like cub boards and railings can get musty or rusty and may even damage due to the growth of fungus or termite infestations. Put camphor balls, Neem leaves or cloves in your cupboards and closets to protect your valuable items. Make sure you clean the furniture often with dry clothes or a vacuum throughout the wet season to avoid dampness.

2. Pesticide proofing:
We’re not the only ones who hunt for a shelter or prefer staying indoors during heavy rains. Termites, ants, flies, wasps and other insects love the warmth of your tube lights, sofas, beds, and bulbs choosing to stay back for a shelter. You wouldn’t want them swarming around your food and other edibles, as well as little children and open mouth sleepers of your house, unless you’re an insect lover! Install an insect proof mesh in your windows to avoid these situations.

3. Ensuring a clean drainage:
Check and re-check your drainage systems and clear out any probable clogging to avoid overflows. We understand what a task it is to hunt for a plumber, hence we suggest winding it up before the rain begin to pour.

4. Check for loose and open wires:
In case you have any unattended wires, they need a prior rectification before anything. Call your electrician and ask them to fix the open wires with a vinyl to avoid uninvited wrecks.

5. Dry mopping your tech supplies:
Ensure all your tech stuff like TV’s, Fridge, Microwave, washing machine, doorbell box, are all dusted well to avoid moisture formation, as it interferes with the smooth functioning of your appliances.


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