Platina Sports Meet 2017


Cheers from the crowd echoed around our arena! Teams of The Wadhwa Group, Cochlear, Avaya, SAP INDIA, MSD, Tubacex, Gallup, Alibaba, AT&T and Regus were all set for the match and played an engrossing game last week.

Each team consisted of 8 players and the game was restricted to 4 overs per innings. Teams also included women, who performed equally well during the match.

The Wadhwa Group emerged as the winners of the Underarm Cricket Finals at Platina Sports Meet 2017! With two teams of The Wadhwa Group competing against each other in the finals, it was a grand celebration for the team for winning the trophy. Having earned their trophy from Mr Girish Shah, Director at The Wadhwa Group, the team has made everyone proud. The other teams which made it to the semi-finals are MSD and SAP.

We look forward to more such successful tournaments for various sports, with the help of which we can strengthen bonding amongst employees working as a team. Stay tuned for more sports events like Badminton, Table Tennis and many more tournaments.

Catch actions of the tournament, in the photographs below.


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