NRI Real Estate Investment Guide


The real estate market in India has always been an attractive investment option for non-resident Indians (NRIs). While the reasons to investment in their home country could be many; be it sentimental or purely an investment; the change in rules and regulations affects their decision. GST, RERA, known as the game changer, is about expected to make a positive impact on NRI’s real investment in India. One of the main concerns of NRIs when looking to invest in India is the perception of murky nature of deals and business, but with GST RERA coming in, that concern is taken care of as GST promises transparency. aims to address that by bringing in transparency.

With the introduction of Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA)Goods and Services Act (GST) and Benami Transaction Act in 2016, the government of India has taken care of majority of their concerns.

RERA ensures strict regulations in unregulated market of real estate. The home buyer or investor will now be more protected and will enjoy more transparency. Not just that, RERA will also put accountability on the developers/realtors in terms of financial disclosure, timely possession of projects and maintaining a good standard of practices.

According to the past trends, India offers more value for money to the investors, with better returns in a short time period in comparison to more prominent real estate markets. With India being one of the fastest growing economies and growing development of infrastructure within the country, the property rates are steadily rising. Also, NRIs are set to benefit from government schemes related to FDI and tax exemptions, which in turn will make it easier for investors to invest in India as opposed to other countries.

Furthermore, The Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) hosts several exhibitions for NRIs to help them choose from different investment options. Easy investment options and a lower down payment value are offered in these exhibitions. NRIs can invest in both residential and commercial properties in India. Leasing guarantees higher returns and is often the driving force for commercial rest estate investment. Post demonetisation, the prices of commercial properties have dropped, attracting more investments.

The Indian government armed with their new rules and regulatory acts has simplified the process of investing in the real estate market in India, eliminating every obstacle in the way. Also, the current scenario is such that it is the right time to invest in India today for all NRIs.


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