Live Your Luxurious Residential Life In Prabhadevi, South Mumbai


Prabhadevi is an upscale suburb in south Mumbai, whose history dates back to antiquity. A bustling location in the heart of Mumbai, Prabhadevi is home to the imposing Siddhivinayak temple. It is a locality that has bloomed culturally well, and is today known as the hub for most cultural activities, be it music, theatre, art or food. With the addition of the eastern freeway, Prabhadevi boasts of seamless connectivity to the rest of the Mumbai city. These factors being codependent have also led to a massive growth of residential projects in Prabhadevi. A niche community, Prabhadevi is growing at an exponential rate while maintaining its elegance and high standards of living. With a stupendous rise in the number of luxury apartments in Mumbai, Prabhadevi is emerging as one of the top localities with the most extravagant high-rise building coming up in Mumbai’s skyline.

Life at The Bay
Everyone dreams of living close to the sea. But only a selected few realize this dream. Picture bespoke sea-facing apartments with mesmerizing views of the Arabian Sea, glittering water reflecting the busy city that you leave behind. Picture-perfect homes have the perfect address when it comes to Prabhadevi, since Prabhadevi has been the cynosure of all eyes in this city. The Wadhwa Group and Hubtown have a forthcoming uber luxurious residential project in Prabhadevi. Soaring beyond the city skyline on one of Mumbai’s largest land parcels next to the Arabian Sea are 3 Bed, 4 Bed & 4 Bed + Family Room Residences. 25 South is an iconic tower that’ll come to life, right in the heart of the city, Prabhadevi where elegance and exclusivity run not just in the name, but in every step of the property. It isn’t just a residence, it is a haven sitting in the lap of luxury and class. Located in one of the finest residential neighbourhoods of Mumbai, 25 South is set to be Mumbai’s crowning glory.

Deluge of Amenities
Though the residential project offers uber luxurious 3 Bed, 4 Bed & 4 Bed + Family Room Residences that match your perception of fine living, it also comprises of a wide array of amenities to take your lifestyle to new levels of fineness. Relax in a pool overlooking the sea, unwind on your own personal deck, or rejuvenate at the wellness spa! 25 South and their amenities don’t aim to impress. They aim to deliver a lifestyle where there are no compromises and you have everything you desire at your fingertips. These homes are crafted to perfection and for those who have a taste for the finer things in life, they also come with an option to customize their homes as per their likes.

Stunning view
Imagine waking up to the sea every day, not just 3 days from a vacation. 25 South gives you the opportunity to make it your reality. 25 South, owing to its location, offers mesmerizing views of the sea, the Bandra-Worli sea link and picturesque sunrises and sunsets. Make your own postcards at home!

Why invest
The Wadhwa Group & Hubtown have many residential projects that are testaments to their hard work and dedication. 25 South will surpass every expectation and will set a new benchmark altogether. The finely crafted spaces, thoughtful landscaping, beautiful water cascade entrance, double height lobby and a plethora of amenities served on a platter are just a few things that set it apart. 25 South, Prabhadevi caters to your opulent desires and redefines your idea of luxurious living. If you’re looking for enrapturing sea views, don’t look further. 25 South has it all, and some more.


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