Helping Kids Increase Concentration During Exams


In a world, where children today are exposed to a lot of distractions, pressure and less sleep, kids are often seen suffering from loss of concentration during exams. Hence, “How to increase concentration in kids during exams?” becomes a trending search on Google.

An appropriate environment creates a huge impact on your child’s concentration levels. Here are some of the factors that an ideal home must have to create a suitable study environment for your child:

Allowing Ample Sunlight to Enter
Studying in a bright, full of light environment makes kids feel fresh & more attentive. The brain becomes more receptive to information and data, so they grasp more. So, while studying, children should be made to sit at places where there is ample sunlight seeping inside. The homes should be designed to seep-in enough sunlight throughout the day, with large windows aligned in direction of the Sunlight.

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
The best answer for how to improve concentration is getting a sound sleep. A good amount of oxygen in the air & the surrounding helps a lot to get rid of restlessness in children. Homes must be designed to have ample cross-ventilation and plenty of air flow to all corners of the house, so that your children can sleep well and get enough rest for the next morning. The right amount of oxygen in your home also help kids concentrate better. The grasping capacity of their brain tend to become more efficient.

Give Them More Space
Feeling clumsy claustrophobic while studying can make the mind stop working too. It restricts imagination & the thinking capacity of the mind, that makes learning new things difficult. Not only the horizontal space of a home, but even the vertical ceiling height can affect thinking mechanisms. The homes must be designed with high ceiling heights, to let thoughts breathe free. This helps kids become more creative while they study.

One of the most proven technique for improving concentration, is meditation. Studies suggest that practicing mindfulness meditation regularly, even in brief increments, significantly affects brain functions related to performance & concentration. To put it another way, a very manageable meditation schedule- a mere ten minutes a day – is enough to improve focus and concentration. What’s more, the skills children develop and sharpen during mindfulness practice can help kids in their everyday lives, especially while growing up.

To sum all of it up, the fresh air that mingles with the respiratory track, the bright sunlight that rejuvenates senses and an open space to get in touch with nature collectively contribute to a healthy living environment. It isn’t a co-incidence that our Design Philosophy, Ventilit helps create this environment at your home.


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