Essential Tips For An Eco-Friendly Bedroom


After a long day at work, the bedroom is a safe haven to relax and get refreshing sleep. An eco-friendly bedroom provides lot of health benefits, along with the satisfaction of contributing towards the environment. In this article, let’s look at some simple ways to make your bedroom environment-friendly.

Use Non-Toxic, Eco-friendly Paints
Standard paints include a lot of chemicals, which are not only harmful for the environment but can also cause respiratory diseases and other health issues. Natural, plant-based plants don’t release toxic compounds, thus helping you contribute to the environment as well as safeguard your health.

Use Organic Bedding
As the name suggests, organic bedding is made of natural materials like cotton, jute, soy silk and so on. As this material is free of toxins and artificial material, your skin will be protected from harsh chemicals. This is particularly true for newborn babies or people with sensitive skin. Stay away from stain-resistant or flame-resistant beddings as they are treated with inorganic chemicals. Likewise, you can opt for eco-friendly mattresses that are made of all-natural latex, wool, cotton, etc. And yes, if you enjoy the organic bedding and mattresses, you can also switch to organic pajamas.

Grow Houseplants in Your Bedroom
Filling your bedroom with flowers and plants can add life to your living area and create a calming effect. It is a widely accepted fact that spending time with nature reduces stress levels. Having plants in your bedroom also helps in purifying the air, thus aiding sound sleep. In particular, house plants are very useful for those living in decongested areas with limited availability of fresh air.

De-clutter Religiously
One of the most effective ways of creating an eco-friendly bedroom is by removing clutter regularly. For instance, you need to keep your bedroom free of unwanted papers and give them for recycling frequently. Similarly, you should give away unwanted clothing and bedding as there are a lot of needy people who can benefit from it. Decluttering not only creates a relaxing experience in the bedroom but also gives it a clean look.

Use Eco-friendly Lighting
Till a few years ago, eco-friendly lighting meant opting for energy efficient but not-so-attractive CFLs over visually-pleasing incandescent light bulbs. But with the rapid adoption of LED lights, this problem is now a passé. LED lights offer a combination of energy efficiency and stunning designs.

And yes, don’t forget to make the full use of natural light whenever available. It’s the most eco-friendly form of light, and it’s entirely free.

As you can see, there are lots of simple and easy ways of designing an eco-friendly bedroom. The Wadhwa Group is known to design eco-friendly homes. Our proprietary VENTILIT concept ensures maximum air and light in every apartment. When combined with tips mentioned above, you can surely have a bedroom that’s in complete harmony with nature.


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