Creating Shared Kids Rooms


Urban living is about comfort, convenience and style. Given the smaller living spaces today, however, sharing bedrooms is unavoidable for children. Fitting in the needs of children in the limited available space by using smart, attractive interior-design will help them to happily share their living spaces.

Here are some creative tips:

Space saving sleep solutions:
Bunker beds are a favorite and work wonderfully for sleep and storage for multiple kids. The piece can have drawers underneath or in-built bookshelves. Four beds – two placed against a long wall and two at right-angles to the wall; or three or four beds in an L-formation over a corner and two walls are ideal for sleepovers or accommodating more than two children.

Work your walls:
Maximize wall space as much as possible with creative, stylish design. Create shelves or cabinets wherever possible.

Personalized spaces:
You can create personalized spaces within the same room for your kids. This concept is especially popular for a boy-and-girl’s shared bedroom.

Multi-functional furniture solutions:
You could select or design multi-functional pieces. Short of wall space? Construct a child’s wardrobe against the foot of a bunk-bed, and maybe another child’s against the head, making use of the available vertical space. Or each child could have his/her own elevated bed with a desk and wardrobe all in the same unit.

Smart storage:
You just can’t have enough storage with kids! Add enclosed storage under the beds, wardrobes and pretty much everywhere you can! Ottomans and trunks with storage are also excellent choices. Consider stackable storage bins, toy chests and shelves to organize toys, books, etc.

Study area:
Folding study desks create more open space. If you’re short on wall space, you could create two desks against the same partition. This will effectively separate children’s spaces, leading to less arguing and more homework accomplished!

Decorate spaces to evolve:
Using neutral colours on the walls is sensible, because the décor of kids’ rooms will need to change with time. An older child especially may very soon not like a childish room that may still suit the tastes of a much younger sibling. Accent the bedroom with vibrant coloured furniture, rugs and fabrics, so the décor suits children with an age-gap.

In summation:
Shared children’s rooms are fun spaces. Creating them to be stylish, save on space and be customized for your kids’ functionality need not be intimidating. Follow the design and function tips here, and your kids will probably never want to leave their rooms!


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