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24 Apr

Tips For Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home

Tips For Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home

When painting your home, choosing the right colour is one of the most important decisions to be made. Any colour you choose to apply, it will remain in your sight for long, and therefore careful thought should be given to this area. Remember, the right colour will not only have an impact on the mood of your home, but will also influence how bright or dark your home is. In this article, we share some tips on choosing the right paint colours.

Consider the Mood of Each Room

Different areas of your home require different mood settings. For instance, the bedroom should give a calming and restful feeling, and thus a colour like green, which stands for tranquility and health can work well for it. The colour yellow represents happiness, making it an ideal choice for dining rooms and kitchen. Blue is a relaxing and calming colour, making it suitable for bedrooms and bathrooms. And an energetic colour like orange is ideal for exercise rooms.

Don’t Ignore Lighting

When choosing a paint, one should remember that the paint won’t look the same throughout the day, because of variations in light (both natural and artificial light.) For example, if a room is east facing, colours like red, orange and yellow are recommended, because east-facing light is yellowish before noon. When it comes to artificial light, the choice of bulbs also plays a role. For instance, the light emitted by halogens is closer to natural light, which can make colors appear vivid.

Start off with Experimenting

At the initial stage of painting your home, you will be faced with a lot of choices and options, and so it can be very confusing to shortlist the right shade. To make things easier, you can start off with experimenting with your chosen shades in small areas, such as bathrooms or passages. Seeing a color on the wall is much different than seeing it on a paint card. Alternatively, you can also apply the sample colour on a craft paper or any other piece of paper-made craft, and move this piece around the house at different times of the day to see how the colours respond to light.

Consider Your Home as a Whole

While it’s a common trend to use different colours for different areas of a home, care should be taken to ensure the transition from one color to another is harmonious. Everything begins with the living room, and thus you should shortlist the colour for this room first. Also, one should take into account the fabric, the furniture, the flooring and other elements of each room to determine connecting colours. You can start off with shortlisting three colours and try out experimenting with varying shades of these colours in different rooms in small blocks.

Final Thoughts:

To conclude, picking up the right paint colours is tricky and great care should be taken to finalize them. Also, one should not ignore the role of emotions in choosing a colour, because ultimately the look and feel of your home is a personal choice. If a particular colour for a room stimulates you emotionally and makes you happy, then the choice is an easy one.


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