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07 Sep

Living in Mulund

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There's no doubting that Mumbai is one of the world's most vibrant and dynamic cities. There is also no doubt about that it is one of the world's emergent cultural and commercial hotspots. In such a fast paced and bustling metropolis however, a touch of peace and tranquility is hard to find. It is one of the city's most sought after commodities and any and all bastions of calm are lapped up in an instant.

It is this quest then that brings us to the suburb of Mulund. Situated in the northeast quadrant of the city, 32 kilometres from its commercial hub, this suburb is a quaint and idyllic one, nestled along the foothills of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Little known fact: Mulund is among the only planned suburbs in Mumbai and is lined up on a modern grid pattern, typical of western cities like London or New York. Laid out by architects Crown & Carter, the gridiron plan of the suburb dates back to 1922.

What's probably more impressive however is that the earliest reference to Mulund can be found in Mauryan edicts, which brand this area as Muchchalind, an outpost of the ancient empire. In more modern times, Mulund is known as one of Mumbai's most sought after places to settle. This post is all about why this is and what you as a flat owner, investor or wannabe resident can expect from this place.

Why mulund?

Mulund today is one of the most well settled and yet easily liveable places in the city. Here are a plethora of reasons why Mulund is the kind of place to explore, when choosing your next home.

Locational Advantage:

Locationally speaking, Mulund is one of the best connected suburbs of the city. Accessible by train by the formidable Central line, Mulund is preceded by Nahur and followed by Thane by rail. Its bustling arterial LBS Road is akin to the Western suburbs' Link Road. Easy access to the Eastern Expressway means that connectivity to the city proper is also quite seamless. If you need to enter the western suburbs, look no further than the Mulund-Goregaon Link Road.

An interesting melting pot:

Like most of Mumbai's suburbs, Mulund has a rather expansive middle, and upper middle class population. Communities abound and live in harmony, from the Marwaris, Gujaratis and Maharashtrian, to the South Indian and Bengali, Mulund is home to a vibrant cosmopolitan mix of people.

Educational Hub:

Mulund is home to some remarkable educational institutions that cater to all streams of interest. From the Dayanand Vedic Vidyalaya, one of Mumbai's, if not India's best Hindi Medium schools to the Mulund College of Commerce, this suburb is one of the most densely populated in terms of academia. A number of CBSE, ICSE and International Baccalaureate schools too have opened their doors to Mulund residents in the past decade or so.

Serenity in Mad Mumbai

One of Mumbai's most tranquil suburbs, easy access to the Sanjay Gandhi National park means that in Mulund, you're never too far from nature. While Mulund features excellent connectivity and is home to a number of ultramodern amenities, the simple life is never too far out of reach. To the naturalists among us, a quick stroll in one of Mulund's many gardens is a reaffirmation that there's no greater joy to be found, than in the child-like innocence in the midst of nature. A weekend hiking expedition is not more than 10 minutes away at any point of time. A nature walk in the National Park is easily the best way to calm one's jangled nerves. In the monsoon's your eyes are in for a treat, with the lush layer of green that presents itself to you like an unspoilt carpet. Where else then, in this fast city can you claim this happens. Mulund therefore stands out as a ear solitary pearl of unblemished tranquility and serenity in this maddening city.

Things To Do

Just because Mulund is an oasis of peace and greenery, it doesn't mean that there is a dearth of things to do here. Check out this wide array of activities that are on offer in Mulund.


Mulund's emergence as one of Mumbai's top places to live in has seen a proliferation of both high street malls and discount stores. R Mall, one of the oldest and best trafficked malls in these suburbs is a shopper's paradise, with hundreds of people stepping in for their retail fix. On the daily needs spectrum several shops, markets and hawker plazas cater to the burgeoning population's needs.

Culture and Entertainment:

The Kalidas auditorium is the suburb's cultural epicentre and theatre hub. The only one of its kind in Mulund, Kalidas regularly hosts Marathi, Gujarati and Hindi plays, as well as musical concerts and concertos. PVR, Adlabs and other multiplexes are all geared to give residents the latest in Hollywood and Bollywood blockbusters.


Get this, Mulund is home to as many as 8 parks and gardens, spread over its environs. This means that wherever in Mulund you may be, odds on, you're going to be close to a park or garden of some kind. Among these, the Chintamani Dwarkanath Deshmukh Gardens and the Johnson & Johnson Park are the most popular and best manicured. These parks play an important role in giving Mulund a 'fresher-than-most' appeal.


Mulund is home to a plethora of communities and each of their dynamic flavours in cuisine are both revered and celebrated here. So whether it is South Indian that you crave, seafood you hanker for, or are in the mood for delectable North Indian fare, your options are as limitless and varied as your appetite. Several fine dining restaurants, pubs and lounges too can be found in the many malls and shopping centres that call Mulund home.

Transportation, Hospitals, Temples, Landmarks


Mulund is a well trafficked station on the Central Railway network, and is a stop for both semi-fast and slow trains. A number of BEST and NMMT buses connect Mulund to all parts of Mumbai. Even if you prefer to drive the LBS Road connects you seamlessly to all other Central suburbs. If it is a trip to the city that's on your mind, the Eastern Express Corridor is at your service. Need to visit the folks in the Western suburbs, and the Mulund Goregaon Link Road is your best option.


Being a middle class stronghold, Mulund's access to quality health care is unmatched. Private clinics, well reputed doctors and medical centres are always a stone's throw away in case of any and all medical emergencies and exigencies.

Temples/Churches and other places of worship:

Mulund's secular credentials are well represented on the number of temples, Jain Derasars and churches it is home to. The Marwari and Gujarati community of this area is best known for its devotion to the Jain faith and most prominent among their shrines is the Dharamnathswami Jain Temple. Guru Gobind Singh Marg, houses a row if Gurudwaras that are a testament to the peaceful and contemplative nature of the Sikh community and the St. Pius X Church is a must visit, when you're in need of divine providence.


The long running communal Ganesha mandala, called Mithagarcha Raja, is one of Mulund's most enduring landmarks. This festival brings people of all faiths to the makeshift shrine and the 11 days of worship here are marked by great pomp and fervour. A definite must visit.

Surrounding Areas

Mulund is bound by Nahur and Thane.


A relatively new suburb, Nahur is home to several malls, educational institutions and hospitals that are a great addition to the existing infrastructure that Mulund possesses. Nahur isn't too far away from Mulund and this proximity, gives Mulund residents additional flexibility in terms of where they'd like to eat, watch films and even go to get medical advice.


An established town in its own right, Thane is a well planned and settled neighbour. A simple rickshaw ride away, Thane's excellent infrastructure and amenities are a definite boost to Mulund residents. With a plethora of BPOs opening offices in Thane, it has also emerged as a relatively easy to access employment destination as well.


Mulund has a lot going for it. What this means for the flat/property buyer is the fact that the supply of quality residences in this part of the city is plentiful. With per square foot rates of 15 to 17 thousand, prevalent, it is by no means a cheap alternative, but with property prices appreciating at an incredible rate year on year, it is definitely a good option to invest in. Especially if you have profitability on your mind.


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