Amenities To Look For in Every Residential Property in Mulund

Atmosphere O2, Mulund West

You’ve found yourself a beautiful, spacious home in a neighbourhood you like, but something’s still missing. What makes life truly exciting and comfortable? 

Living in an apartment complex brimming with leisure amenities at your disposal is the new way of living a comfortable life. Access to luxurious amenities helps you stay engaged and form lasting relationships with members of your community. Playing a sport with a friend,  going for a swim, meditating in open green spaces or enjoying a quiet rendezvous with your loved one are experiences worth having in life. A heavenly abode which brings together  comfort, memorable experiences and a sense of belonging is what you need to live the perfect life. Mulund is one such place where you can find residences that reside in the lap of luxury. 

When looking for flats in Mulund (west), here are a few amenities you should look for –

1. Lush Green, Open Air Lawn

Show your green thumb and enjoy a grand lawn offering uninterrupted views. A lush green lawn is perfect to enjoy outdoor activities and games with your kids and pets, or simply sit by and enjoy the relaxing breeze. Lounging on the lawn helps you unwind and allows your body to rejuvenate after a long tiring day at work. Open space is a very important part of a holistic, healthy home. 

2. Yoga Lawn

One of the best ways to make the most of Yoga, is by practicing it outdoors. It helps you feel more grounded and brings a sense of calmness, which is extremely important in today’s day and age. A separate Yoga lawn is just perfect for those who need a serene environment to relieve stress and be one with nature. You will also meet other Yoga lovers and can form a community to practice mindfulness together. 

3. Senior Citizen’s Area with Reflexology Path

Senior citizens can now simply enjoy being by themselves, enjoying each other’s company and spending some peaceful time amidst nature in their very own outdoor space. Another advantage of this secluded area is that it features a reflexology path, which is great for lifting their mood and improving their general well-being. A reflexology path helps improve posture, balance and provides natural acupuncture to the feet, which helps stimulate your feet muscles and improve your overall health. It’s especially beneficial to the elderly. 

4. Swimming Pool with Jacuzzi

Nothing spells luxury more than a swimming pool and Jacuzzi at your disposal. You can simply spend some family time, unwind and relax, throw a pool party or enjoy all-season swims. It is a big win for any property that houses a swimming pool for its residents, as there is no simpler way to relax closer to home. A swimming pool also helps children bond better and form lasting friendships. It’s a great way for families to spend time on a warm Sunday afternoon.

5. Landscaped Garden & Amphitheatre

For city-dwelling residents, having their own landscaped garden is nothing short of a place of solace. Throw in an amphitheatre, and you’ve got yourself your own in-house entertainment site. Breathe in some fresh air and unwind after a long day of work indoors. Get ready for some cool musical and art performances bang in the middle of your building! All in the heart of Mulund? Sounds unreal, right?

6. Jogging  & Cycling Track

A jogging and cycling trail within your property premises can help you push yourself to workout and get some exercise done close to nature. It brings the residents multiple benefits, including an outlet for fitness, connecting with nature, and community building. 

The simplest and most popular way to gain an edge over other properties is with a distinguished list of unique, luxurious amenities that contribute to the residents’ everyday living. When you go out scouting for your dream home, make sure you look for these amenities that can truly augment your life.

Lucky for you, we have found you the perfect property in Mulund (west) that features all of these amenities, in addition to several others that suit all age groups. Atmosphere O2 by The Wadhwa Group is a place where luxury and conveniences converge. It allows you to experience the world at your fingertips with seamless connectivity to the rest of the city, and  an ideal home for your family.


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