8 ways on how to keep your house cool in summer naturally


Ahh, the Mumbai summer is almost here! And it always brings along sweltering heat that consumes you for 4 whole months. Yes, the Mumbai summer is bad and Mumbaikars find every opportunity they can to get some respite from the heat. It can get very hot inside the house too, and using an AC all day is sure to shoot up your electricity bill! So, why not invest in some simple, innovating and cost-effective ways on how to keep your house cool in summer naturally? 

Here’s a guide to help you get started on how to cool your house without AC: 

1. Allow Cross Ventilation:

You may have heard of the term cross ventilation before. It is nothing but a natural method of cooling that forces cool, external air into the house from an inlet and removes hot humid hair from inside the house to the outside. Usually in a city like Mumbai, most working people and millennials live in high rise buildings that allow for good ventilation. So make sure that you always keep opposite sets of windows open inside the house. This allows a constant parallel flow of air to and from the house. Try doing this especially early morning before 9 AM and post sunset after 8 PM, as the heat settles down and a cooler breeze begins to blow. Cross ventilation is highly economical, and if you’re wondering how to keep your house cool in summer naturally , start with ventilation! 

2. Install curtains and blinds: 

Installing curtains and blinds block the hot sun rays from entering your home. They also block out hot wind and heat waves that plague a city like Mumbai during summers. You can either go for curtains or blinds depending on your personal preference. However, make sure that they are of a lighter hue, as dark colors tend to absorb heat, that can make your room even hotter. Light colored curtains and blinds reflect light, that prevent heat from coming inside. Stick to cotton curtains or even bamboo blinds that act as a great heat shield.  Always keep the curtains and blinds closed while stepping outside. This way you no longer have to worry about keeping your house cool in extreme heat. 

3. Use cooler colored themes: 

If keeping your house in extreme heat is a priority, look on the bright side. Use this summer as an opportunity to paint your walls to more season-friendly colors. Ideally, you should paint your walls light colored hues such as light blue, light green, pale yellow, baby pink, cream, peach etc. Light colors bounce heat waves off their walls, that prevents heat from getting trapped in the walls. Dark walls absorb heat, increasing the temperature of the room. Thus, if you have any dark colored walls at home, repaint them this summer. It’s one of the best ways to keep your house cool in summer naturally. 

4. Add a touch of green to your home: 

Several studies have shown that being around plants has innumerable benefits for both our physical and mental health. Plants also have an incredible cooling capability that can instantly bring down the temperature of any room. You can use house plants such as aloe vera, ferns, house lilies, snake plants and spider plants that have an inherent cooling effect. Furthermore, these plants also have detoxification properties that help rid the air of pollutants inside the house. It’s definitely a great method on how to keep your house cool in summer naturally.

5. Redo your roofing: 

Your roof plays a very important role in determining the temperature of your house. If you have a roof directly above, that absorbs a lot of solar radiation, chances are your inner home temperature will be much higher too. This is problematic and can be dealt with through some simple techniques. You can repaint your roof with heat reflecting paint and UV protection paint. This will also help keep humidity, bacteria, dust and other pollutants at bay. 

6. Invest in cotton upholstery: 

Silks and satin are a big no no when it comes to household upholstery especially in a hot and humid city such as Mumbai. They absorb heat and moisture making it very uncomfortable for you and your family at home. Pure cotton and linen sofas, bedsheets, quilts, curtains and tablecloths are ideal, as cotton is the best fabric for heat reflection in summers. Just as we prefer cotton clothing in summer, your home too prefers cotton upholstery. Linen and cotton are light, breezy and 100% comfortable! It’s definitely on the list of how to keep your house cool in summer naturally. 

While these are all summer must-dos, you can begin by opting for a new home that naturally provides ventilation, has anti-moisture roofs and great amenities to help keep your house cool during the summer. Wadhwa homes come with a ventilit design that floods your home with natural lighting all day, have green spaces such as parks and gardens inside the property and come with state of the art architectural designs that keep moisture and pollution at bay. Wadhwa’s ready to move in apartments allow you to buy a house and immediately move in without any hassles. 

Why wait any longer? Book your Wadhwa home this summer. You no longer have to worry about how to cool your house without AC! 


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