5 Ways You Can Automate Your Home


Over the past few years, the concept of home automation has gained considerable traction in India. The integration of technology in our personal lives is proving to be a boon in a variety of areas, such as security, energy management, appliance management, and more. For many of us, home automation also provides freedom from routine activities, thus allowing us to spend time on more meaningful endeavors of life. In this article, we look at some recent advancements in home automation that have caught the fancy of Indian homes.

Smart Home Kits:
If you want to control your home appliances through devices like laptops or tablets, then smart home kits are the perfect option for you. Using these kits, you can dim the lighting or switch appliances on/off via your mobile devices, making them very beneficial for energy management. Some of these smart home kits also allow the integration of IP Cameras to provide live feeds of your home on your smartphone wherever you are, thus taking the concept of home security to a whole new level.

Smart Switches:
While smart home kits come with a whole lot of features, you can also opt for smart switches separately. These Wi-Fi enabled devices allow users to control their home appliances through mobile devices. So if you’re out for the night, smart switches allow you to turn lights on or off remotely. Smart switches also help get a better understanding of power consumption patterns, allowing you to save on energy costs.

Digital Door Locks:
Traditionally, digital door locks have been used primarily in offices, gyms and other public areas. However, now it is possible to have the same level of safety and security in a home. Today, there are different types of digital door locks available in the market. Options range from simple digital door locks with a smart card to advanced biometric fingerprint-based digital door locks. Wi-Fi door locks, which can be operated using a smartphone, are another highly popular variety of digital locks.

Video Door Phones:
Featuring wide LCD screens, video door phones provide clear visuals of visitors waiting outside. These phones also allow to store images of previous visitors. Most of these phones come with night vision cameras, thus making them useful even during the night. With two-way communication features, these phones also allow to make video calls with visitors to make sure only authorized people enter your home.

As part of home automation devices, you now get a variety of sensors such as door/window sensors, motion sensors, smoke sensors, flood sensors, shock sensors and more. These sensors detect specific values or behaviors and transmit them to a wireless centre, which can subsequently be transmitted to mobile devices.

For example, door/window sensors monitor the opening of doors and windows and are very useful both for security as well as energy management. Motion sensors help in detecting movements, thus providing dependable protection from intrusion. Smoke sensors help in detection of fire at a very early stage, even before the appearing of flames or an increase in temperature. Overall, these smart sensors can be very useful in transmitting timely information and preventing hazards.

Final Thoughts
At The Wadhwa Group, we are highly conscious of the security and comfort of our residents. In this context, we believe there are several ways in which home automation can be used to an advantage for increasing the convenience & security of your home.

We are also deeply concerned about the environment and the ill effects of climate change. A lot of these smart devices also help in efficient energy management, thereby helping you contribute to the environment.


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