5 New Year Resolutions our project amenities will help you maintain


2020 has been a rollercoaster! Having spent most part of it indoors, our home has become the epicenter of everything that we do. Work from home is here to stay and having private, comfortable spaces inside the home is crucial in today’s normal. While we wait for a more exciting 2021 with hope and enthusiasm, what better way to begin than by writing down your new year goals for the year 2021?
With 2020 having thrown us all down the offbeat path, learning new hobbies, working towards a more balanced lifestyle, staying healthy, and envisioning a more clean and sustainable world are things we all aspire for, more than anything today. A good home can give you all this and much more. It’s a gateway to lasting relationships, physical and mental well-being, alleviating stress, and striking the much-needed work-life balance we all require today. 

All Wadhwa apartments are built keeping in mind the holistic wellbeing of all their residents. A Wadhwa apartment provides warmth, comfort, access to excellent apartment amenities, greenery, and an eclectic, multi-cultural community. 

For 2021, here are 5 New Years Resolutions these amenities across Wadhwa Group Projects will help you maintain and explore: 

1. Getting Fit:

The age-old resolution that most of us vociferously strive for, but never actually follow up on. Most of us always come up with a myriad of excuses to not work out. And many times it’s understandable. In traffic-choked cities like Mumbai, the thought of driving to a gym even 3km away seems like a nightmare. But in our projects, there’s no need to even step out of the premises. You have everything you need right here! All our projects come with a host of amenities that will help you muscle up and shed those pounds in no time. Enjoy running? Run uninterrupted on an exclusive running track. If your resolution is to get six-pack abs, head over to top-class gyms inside the residence. And if you’re into racquet sports, the badminton and squash courts will be your second home.  There are also quiet places to practice your yoga asanas. Wadhwa Wise City and Atmosphere O2 are some such Wadhwa Group projects that boast of exclusive fitness and health amenities to kickstart your new year goals. 

2. Being more positive and mindful:

There is great strength in positivity. Being mindful and sanguine helps all of us manage stress better, build relationships, and be more at one with ourselves. A happy home is crucial to a happy mind. A welcoming community, green environment, and private spaces to get the much-needed ‘me-time’ are absolutely essential for a stress-free positive life. Keeping this in mind, The Wadhwa Group prioritizes the mental being of its residents above everything. There are designated green spaces inside each apartment complex. It has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature improves our mood and reduces stress levels. Furthermore, there are also tranquil walking tracks, yoga spots, and reflexology paths inside the complex. This is especially advantageous for the elderly. Wadhwa Properties also boast of stunning city views from its balconies. So if you’re looking for peace and tranquility, look no further than a Wadhwa Group project.

3. Achieving work-life balance:

This lockdown has taught all of us the importance of family time. Being in an environment that creates a perfect balance between your work and home life is crucial for your health and happiness. There are several ways through which our apartment facilitates this balance… Doesn’t the thought of splashing in the pool on a Sunday afternoon with your kids seem great? Swimming is a great way of bonding with family and taking a break from work. And having access to these amenities also helps you get into a rhythm, a routine. Swimming, yoga, meditation, working out, running, taking your kids to the play area, or enjoying a quiet midnight stroll with your partner become long-lasting habits. Incorporating these activities helps you achieve that perfect work-life balance. 

4. Learning a sport:

Learning a new sport is so much fun! It’s a great way to get fit and also develop a new hobby. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting from scratch. It doesn’t matter if you’re 50. It’s never too late to learn a sport. But often, getting access to sports avenues is a challenge. They’re also quite expensive. Thus, a lot of parents also don’t end up enrolling their kids in sports. But imagine having free access to top-class multi-purpose courts, Game rooms, and swimming pools 24*7? That would certainly make things a lot easier! 

5. Adopting sustainable alternatives: 

Going green is the need of the hour. There are several steps we can take to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Investing in a home that prioritizes sustainability through renewable energy practices, natural lighting and minimum usage of energy is a good first step. Wadhwa residences boast of a unique Ventilit design. This design allows maximum entry of sunlight into each home. Furthermore, it helps align sunlight and wind direction in such a way that all homes are in perfect harmony with the natural environment. Not just that, the greater floor to ceiling height makes the apartments more spacious & elegant. Our design philosophy, promises maximum safety and minimum maintenance. A Wadhwa home is the greatest investment you can make for a sustainable future! It’s a great new year goal to start off the new year with! 

2021 is going to be a new beginning for the world. So, why put your resolutions for new beginnings on hold? A Wadhwa home is what you need to get your goals running. Wadhwa residences offer ready to move in apartments, quality living, unparalleled apartment amenities, and proximity to prime localities in Mumbai. 

With The Wadhwa Group, make 2021 memorable, happy, and healthy for you and your family!


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