5 Indoor Plants To Purify Your Home


Indoor house plants not only purify the air inside homes thus making your home healthier, but also add a touch of beauty and grace. A splash of green gives a very fresh and affable feel to rooms. When choosing an indoor plant for your home, you should give importance to both their aesthetic appeal as well as their potential benefits. Let’s look at some indoor plants, which are suitable for Indian homes.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a common house plant with excellent air-clearing properties. The healing properties of aloe vera’s leaf are another advantage of having this plant indoors. The clear cool gel inside the leaf can provide instant relief for cuts, rashes and sunburns. These easy-to-grow plants love sunlight, making them an ideal choice to be placed near sunny windows of the kitchen or the living room.

Spider Plants
This fast-growing plant with air purifying properties is a superb choice for those with dust allergies. The stems of these easy-to-grow plants can grow up to 12-18 inches long. During summer, these plants also produce white flowers. Also known as airplane plants, spider plants grow well in moderate sunlight but should not face the hot sun directly. These visually appealing plants can also be used as hanging plants. As they are fast growing, you can easily repot their shoots to spread more greenery in your home.

English Ivy
One of the best natural domestic air filters, these plants can grow indoors easily. They prefer bright light but not direct sunlight. Given their long tendrils, English Ivy can also be used in hanging baskets. When compared to other houseplants, they need cooler temperatures and also more humidity. Therefore, it is advisable to keep them in a tray of water.

Indian Basil
Indian Basil or Tulsi, as it is known commonly, can provide a distinct fragrance that’s similar to clove and mint. Also, being a natural pest repellent, the plant can keep mosquitoes and house flies away. The basil needs direct sunlight of at least 6 hours every day. And they should be watered regularly to ensure retention of moistness.

Money Plant
Jade plant, popularly known as money plant, is known to be one of the best plants to improve air quality. Given that these plants retain water in their leaves, they need a regular supply of water. Brown spots on these plants are an indication they need more water. They grow slowly and prefer room temperature.

In a polluted city like Mumbai, indoor house plants can be a welcome relief in purifying air quality. Some of the plants mentioned above, including Aloe Vera, English Ivy, and Spider Plant have been approved by NASA, United States for their air purifying properties.

At The Wadhwa Group, we place a lot of importance on building environment-friendly homes. In this light, we recommend indoor house plants for all homes. Before buying, however, please check the suitability of the specific plant for your indoor conditions.


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