5 Easy Household Recycling Tips


All of us know the importance of recycling in preserving natural resources. Most people associate the term recycling with some kind of an industrial process that needs to be done on a large scale. However, recycling need not be so complex as it can be done easily at a domestic level too. In this article, we look at some simple ways to improve recycling at home.

It is common knowledge that if not recycled, plastic can do a lot of damage to the environment. However, there are lot of creative things you can do with this material. For instance, you can use plastic bottles as planters and create a vertical garden. Plastic bottles can also be used for making chandeliers. If you have a lot of plastic spoons, you can make a spoon lamp by pasting the spoons on a plastic bottle. Those with an inclination towards art can make beautiful vases with plastic bottles.

Illustration: Steps for creating a planter from plastic bottles

Step 1: Preparing your bottle

Step 2: Taping the edges

Step 3: Attaching thread

Step 4: Inserting foil in the bottle

Step 5: Choosing a Suitable Plant

Step 6: Adding soil

Step 7: Hanging the planter

Image credits: http://www.handimania.com/diy/plastic-bottle-pet-pot.html

Used CDs/DVDs:
Most of us have plenty of used CDs & DVDs, which can take up a lot of space. But by using your creativity, you can turn these worthless objects into beautiful crafts. For instance, you can decorate your guitar using painted CDs & DVDs. Or you can cut the CDs into small pieces and stick them onto a jewelry box to give it a glass-like effect. You can also use them to decorate your flower pots or create ornaments for Christmas trees. A very popular use of CDs/DVDs is by painting them and using them as coasters.

Illustration: Steps for creating a jewelry box using CDs

Image credits: Pinterest – https://in.pinterest.com/pin/287174913718865952/

Organic waste:
It is believed that more than 60% of household waste is organic material, with a large portion of it being food waste. However, instead of throwing away this precious organic waste, you can resort to composting and turn it into manure for growing flowers, plants and vegetables. To make the most out of organic waste, it is advisable to make a habit of segregating your waste into wet (food items, fruit peels, etc.) and dry waste (items like paper, plastic, etc.) Note that it takes at least a couple of months to turn wet waste into a rich compost.
Video: https://youtu.be/UDbyNIBFlN0
Video Courtesy: Satyamevjayate.in

Glass bottles:
Left with a lot of beer or wine bottles after your house party? Don’t worry, there are various ways you can use these bottles to make your indoors more attractive. For instance, you can paint beer bottles with colours of your choice and use them as a vase. Or you can create a beautiful chandelier using different kinds of bottles. If you have a terrace or a balcony, you can paint a cut bottle and use it as a beautiful bird feeder. You can also create a wind chime using wine bottles.

Illustration: Steps for creating a painted vase using bottles

Step 1: Mix colors

Step 2: Fill a syringe with mixed colors

Step 3: Pour paint inside the bottle

Step 4: Move the bottle around

Step 5: Keep the bottles upside down for a few hours

Step 6: Clean the excess paint and let them dry

Step 7: Fill water in plastic tubes and place them in the bottle (to prevent removal of paint)

Step 8: Place flowers inside the bottle

Image credits: http://www.handimania.com/diy/painted-bottle-vases.html

Recycling doesn’t have to be plain and boring. By making creative use of recyclable items, you can add a touch of freshness to your décor, all while contributing towards the noble cause of environmental conservation.

Being an environmentally-responsible organization, The Wadhwa Group urges everyone to get into the habit of recycling. If you have any other creative ideas for recycling, do share them in the comments section.


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